Wardha Cotton Rate Today | Ashti, Hinganghat, Samudrapur, Sindi(Selu).

Good morning to all in this article, we are discussing about District Wardha market name Ashti cotton rate in the current situation.

Hello, I am the founder of this website and we are going to know about the Wardha cotton rate in today’s days.

The cotton rate was stable for a few days. But today something new happened, Let’s see what is new In today’s market.

Let me clarify one thing in this article we are discussing about cotton rate from District Wardha and the market name is Ashti. So consider this point.

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Today’s Wardha Cotton Rate in the Current Situation

In the following, we will give you a tabular form of today’s cotton rate in Wardha you should check it.

DistrictMarketMInMaxModal Price

I hope you understand the above passage if not then read the following points to understand well.

District name- Wardha
Market name- Ashti.
Commodity- Cotton
Min Price- 6800
Mix Price- 7450
Modal Price- 7250

District name- Wardha
Market name- Hinganghat.
Commodity- Cotton
Min Price- 6000
Mix Price- 7940
Modal Price- 6500

District name- Wardha
Market name- Samudrapur.
Commodity- Cotton
Min Price- 6200
Mix Price- 7700
Modal Price- 6900

District name- Wardha
Market name- Wardha.
Commodity- Cotton
Min Price- 6925
Mix Price- 7725
Modal Price- 7425

If you are unable to understand the tabular form Of the cotton rate then don’t worry in the following I will give you a summary of the tabular form of the cotton rate in Wardha. You just need to read the following passage and you will understand what rate is going on in today’s date.

In the Wardha district, the Minimum price is 6800 per quintal, the maximum price is 7450 per quintal and lastly, the model price is 7250 per quintal.

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