Today’s Cotton Rate in Amarawati | Huge difference?

Good morning to all and welcome back to our website. I hope you doing well, let me introduce myself I am the author of this website and in this article, I am going to tell today’s cotton market rate in Amravati, so stay tun.

Today’s cotton rate I am going to tell you is from District Amravati and the Market Name is Amarawati too.


So here is the tabular form for the market price, before that, I am going to give a summary of today’s market of Amarawati.

Today’s cotton rate in Amravati is a minimum of 7000 per quintal. The maximum price of cotton in today’s market is 7500 per quintal and the lastly the model price of cotton rate in today’s market is 7250 per quintal.

DistrictMarketMinMaxModal Price

District name- Amarawati.
Market name- Amarawati.
Commodity- Cotton.
Min Price- 7000.
Mix Price- 7500.
Modal Price- 7250.

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