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Are you searching for the Soyabean rate in Latur, if yes then you are in the right place. Discuss about soybean rate in Latur which is in Maharashtra.

Soybean is one of the most useful ingredients to make cooking oils. it is used in large varieties.  so let’s start the discussion about soyabean rate in Latur.

Soybean Rate in Latur

Minimum rate of soyabean is rupees 4540 per quintal in Latur and the maximum rate of soyabean in Latur is 4580 Rupees per quintal.

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 below is the tabular form of the given data as we collected for this article.

Sr no.District NameMarket NameMin Price (Rs./Quintal)Max Price (Rs./Quintal)Modal Price (Rs./Quintal)Price Date
1LaturAusa44014766471307 Apr 2024
2LaturDevani46254753468907 Apr 2024

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